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(Artists, soft drinks and bottlers who influenced his Santa's appearance – Coca-Cola, Coke, White Rock Mineral Water, Chero-Cola – artists: Haddon Sundblom, N.C. Wyeth, Clement Clark Moore, Thomas Nast, Louis Prang, J.C. Leyendecker)
file icon 101 Octopus_Flask Hits: 1512
(California's 2003 Recall Election and its relationship to the Octopus Bottle;  Charles Crocker, Mark Hopkins, Collis P. Huntigton, Leland Stanford, and author Frank Norris)
file icon 102 Liquid_Bread Hits: 2341
 (Its history & the 1890-1915 famous cobalt blue export-shape beer bottle
(Perry Davis Painkiller, milk-glass "Klondike" pocket-flask, Yukon Jack liqueur)
("Yukon Jack" McQuesten; Mark Twain "Cat and the [Perry Davis] Painkiller")
(The new collectible energy drink bottles and cans – Red Bull, Who's Your Daddy, Jolt, Rock Star, the rare [discontinued] Cocaine, etcetera)
(More of he new collectible energy drink bottles and cans – Shock; Coca-Cola Blak; Pimp Juice; Whoopass & Jones Juice; Venom; Hulk [Hogan] Energy; and 12 Canadian energy drinks.)
... from the the"Middle-Aged Dump" (Old Bottle magazine) Jan. 1986.  Early history of Howdy and 7-UP; and inventor Charles Leiper Grigg; and the rare/valuable Amber (Applied Color Label [ACL]) bottles.
Soda Pop Dreams magazine (2001)
Soda Fizz, Nov-Dec 2004
(Buildings built in the 1920s and 1930s to look like famous bottles [popularly known as "Programmatic"].  Coca-Cola, Moxie, Nehi, catsup, beer, milk)
(A short history of bottle collecting featuring a list of 16 bottle collecting pioneers; and the famous Richard Dana Gibson (of "Gibson Girl" fame) steel engraving of "CABINET OF A BOTTLE COLLECTOR.")
(Coca-Cola – Coke – was taxed by the US Government, during the Spanish/American War in 1898, as a patent medicine.  Also, Coca-Cola syrup is often prescribed by doctors for upset stomachs.)
(Movie star Joan Crawford advertised Coke before the married the president of Pepsi-Cola and switched to promoting Pepsi; Coke translated into Chinese became several funny phrases; caffeine content in Coke against the law... and much more....)
("What if....?"  A historian's favorite secret question!  Collectors' favorite game.  Read about Dom Periginom who invented Champagne and made white wine from black grapes.  One has to ask, "What if?")
(The "Original Coca-Cola Woman" and her success at selling "My Coca" supposedly manuafactured from the original Coca-Cola formula and how she got away with it.)
(...bottle collector and  can collector –– The bottle-collecting President of the United States and his "beer-drinking" brother as collectors.  See Jimmy as featured and pictured in the Nov. 1976 issue of Old Bottle Magazine.
("Glass  powder horns were made but were they ever used?  That's the questions this article deals with.  You decide!)
(Antiques Journal – Dec. 1970 – "cutsy" title: "Digging for Fish."  The history of Dr. Fisch's Bitters and the coc liver oil fish-shaped bottles mad for Eli Lilly & Company in the mid-1920.)
[The geneaology of the Hutchinson family from Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson (1591-1643) to Charles G. Hutchinson, who invented in 1879, the famous Hutchinson (mostly soda water bottle stopper) who died in 1906.  HIs invention was popular until circa 1912 when the Crown Cork bottle closure became the bottle stopper of choice.]
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