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“Dr. Munsey, I want you to know that I have put the link to your web site in my favorites folder and I intend to share it with my friends. You have done an awesome job with your site and your documenting efforts will without a doubt live on for many generations and be a valuable asset for many people for many many years. Your passion is our treasure. Congratulations and thank-you for teaching us!”

R. Barry Moseley, RCDD
Chesapeake, Virginia

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file icon 1274 Canada Dry Hits: 6193
1274 Canada Dry
file icon 1238 GIN BOTTLES Hits: 6155
A Historical & Pictorial Essay” that features a short history and 78-photographs of most of the world’s rare seal-identified rectangular case gin bottles of the late 1800s 
1233 That historic Lea & Perrins' Worcestershire Sauce bottle
1271a Dr. McMunn's Elixir of Opium bottle
(Coca-Cola – Coke – was taxed by the US Government, during the Spanish/American War in 1898, as a patent medicine.  Also, Coca-Cola syrup is often prescribed by doctors for upset stomachs.)
1240 The Tomato as Patent Medicine
1300 BITTERS BOTTLES of the American Civil War
1264 Chero-Nehi-Royal Crown Cola
1277 Tapeworm cures and diet
(History of the Maryland Glass Co. of Baltimore and how it was built to produce cobalt blue bottles for Bromo-Seltzer.)  [See also articles #137 & #139,]
1276 Cocaine, Coca-Cola, and Colicky Infants
1234 Vicks VapoRub
1281 Counter-Stamped Coins
1282 OMEGA OIL History
(This is an original manuscript written by Cecil Munsey in 2001.)
1228 Ayer Fortune Plundered
(A "challange article" about BROMO SELTZER, an antiacid, invented in the 1880s and its history and cobalt blue bottles which are a prime example of beautiful so plentifull that they are not respected as collectibles.  The Emerson Drug Company of Baltimore is a patent medicine manufacturer that is world famous.)
1298  Coca-Cola bottle as an insulator
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