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“Dr. Munsey, I want you to know that I have put the link to your web site in my favorites folder and I intend to share it with my friends. You have done an awesome job with your site and your documenting efforts will without a doubt live on for many generations and be a valuable asset for many people for many many years. Your passion is our treasure. Congratulations and thank-you for teaching us!”

R. Barry Moseley, RCDD
Chesapeake, Virginia

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1267 Revenue Stamps Album
1266 Hall of Fame Nomination of HENRY W. HOLCOMBE
1265b Drakes Plantation Bitters ADDENDUM
1265a Drakes Plantation Bitters
1264 Chero-Nehi-Royal Crown Cola
1262 NEHI 'n High Heels.pdf
1261 Old Coca-Cola sign causes a stir in San Francisco
1260 Slaves Hid Charms in Colonial Greenhouse
1259 Witch Balls for warding off spells
1258 Witch Bottles forwarding off evil spirits and killing witches
1257 Otzi the Iceman
1256 Finns to Recreate Beer from 1800s Shipwreck
1255 Century-Old Whisky From the Antactic
1254 Dom Perignon Limited Edition Andy Warhol Collectible Bottles
1253 Civil War Encrypted Message-in-a-Bottle
1252 Xmas Kettle (Final Draft)
1250 PART 1, "PROHIBITION," (Before)
1250 PART 2, "PROHIBITION," (During)
1250 PART 3, "PROHIBITION," (Legal Loophole)
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