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“Dr. Munsey, I want you to know that I have put the link to your web site in my favorites folder and I intend to share it with my friends. You have done an awesome job with your site and your documenting efforts will without a doubt live on for many generations and be a valuable asset for many people for many many years. Your passion is our treasure. Congratulations and thank-you for teaching us!”

R. Barry Moseley, RCDD
Chesapeake, Virginia

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history and collectibles
244  Bottles Recovered...W.W.I
Federatioon Glass Works, May 1992
 Federation Glass Works, March 1993
Soda Fizz, May-July 2003
Antique Trader Price Guide, Aug. 1987
Antique Trader Price Guide, June 1989
Antique Trader Price Guide, Aug. 1987
White Rocking, Aug. 2002
Inside Collector, June 1991
Antiques Journal, Oct. 1971
White Rock\'s Pre-dates Coca-Cola\'s – Soda Pop Dreams, Xmas 2003
Antique Trader Price Guide for Antiques – Aug. 1988
Western Collector, Aug. 1967
Antique Trader Price Guide, Oct. 1990
226  Discovery_of_Coins_and_Stamps_by_Bottle_Collectors – Western Collector, May 1968
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