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“Dr. Munsey, I want you to know that I have put the link to your web site in my favorites folder and I intend to share it with my friends. You have done an awesome job with your site and your documenting efforts will without a doubt live on for many generations and be a valuable asset for many people for many many years. Your passion is our treasure. Congratulations and thank-you for teaching us!”

R. Barry Moseley, RCDD
Chesapeake, Virginia

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In this section of will be found an extensive photographic assortment of books and other material from the author’s own library – “…the world’s largest private library of material of specific interest to collectors of bottles.”

The books etc. are the materials that the author has collected for over 40 years and has used/uses in his research and extensive writings.

  • Each entry will have a number, a title, a photograph, and a brief explanation of the item, including reference material that will assist anybody wishing to actually obtain their own copy of the listed work.
  • To obtain a photographic copy of any item on the list, click on the desired title.
  • After clicking on the title, the photographic copy will be downloaded to your computer.
  • More specific information about any of the items listed can be obtained by writing to

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- bottles, pot lids, advertising
Whitall, Tatum and Co.
1990 - Wheaton Historical Assn., Millville, NJ
1981 – Dolphin Point Writing Works, Seattle, WA.pdf
Saratoga County, New York from 1823 to 1889 - privately published – 1976
1964 – William Morrow and Co., New York
copyright 1922-1946 – Good Health Pub., Co., Battle Creek, MI
1998 – Vintage Books (Random House, Inc.) New York
1940 – Avon Books, New York
1968 – Avon Books, New York
1938 – privately published
1911 – Byxbee Pub., Co., Chicago, IL
1971 – Ace Books, New York
1979 – Simon and Schuster, New York
1948 – Doubleday and Co., Inc., Garden City, NY
 Golden Press, Inc., NY
2000 – Santa Monica Press, Santa Monica, CA
1927 – Harper and Bros., New York
1952 – Julian Messer, Inc., New York
1967 – privately published, Nashville, TN
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